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Hey I'm Ashton, the founder of Ashton Lemon, LLC. I started off as a college civil engineering major because I love to draw and make unique designs. In my younger days, I found a love for fashion that mildly carried through my high school years. During college, I rekindled that love and decided to explore it on a greater horizon. That moment I foreseen myself creating my own clothing line one day. I decided to change my major to marketing which would give me a better understanding of the industry.

In my 20’s I was fortunate to live in 3 different cities in Florida: Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, which opened my eyes to different cultures. After a year of researching and becoming familiar with fashion analytics and the complete industry, I put things in motion by applying for my patent and getting registered in the U.S gazelle. Shortly after I created my first design and right away knew it was something that would sell rapidly with the right color scheme.

After a few months of designing products I embarked on my journey to learn about business. I ordered a few books online and started to read the basics of starting a business and I also attended start-up workshops for new business owners. Right then I knew this was the life journey for me because of my resilience and dedication, but mostly because of my leadership qualities.

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Company Vision


The vision of Ashton Lemon is to be a Staple in luxury Fashion and lifestyle. Creativity, Freedom, Sharing and excellence are all vital to our values. With creativity at the heart of everything we do, Our designs are created to add a sparkle in people's everyday lives. Our priority is to ensure our products are with excellent quality and unique designs. We aspire to create an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves, everyday.


610 E Zack St 110 2204
Tampa, FL 33602

Phone : 1 (888) 526-3404
Email: alem@ashtonlemon.com


Ashton Lemon


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